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Sudan flag enamel pin, 19x16mm

The flag of Sudan as a nice enamel pin for clothes.

Sudan's current flag was adopted on 20 May 1970.

The flag consists of 3 horizontal stripes in the colors red, white and black with a green triangle resting against the pole on the left.

This enamel pin has fine, golden details throughout and closes with a butterfly clutch.

Measures 19x16mm.

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Sudan flag enamel pin, 19x16mm

Enamel pin with the flag of Sudan.

Sudan's flag is based on the Arab liberation flag from the Egyptian revolution of 1952, as are several other countries such as Egypt, Syria and Yemen.

The colors red, white, black and green are called the Pan-Arab colors, and have historically been linked to the Arab people and the Islamic religion for centuries.

You can see these colors recurring in various combinations in the flags of several countries such as the Flag of Palestine that uses the same layout, but with a different order of the colors.


  • Nice as a souvenir
  • Friendship gift
  • Made of enamel
  • 19x16mm

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