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Sustainable Developement goals Wheel of fortune - SDG

The wheel of fortune spinner itself measures 60 cm in diameter. The foot is made of metal and is easy to open. You can set the lucky wheel to spin a little or a lot. The arrow at the bottom mark the target you land on.

NOTE: All World Goals products are made to order, under the UN World Goals license for use of the World Goals for teaching and educational purposes. All schools and companies working with world goals can use these products.

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Sustainable Developement goals Wheel of fortune - SDG

Sustainability is not always a subject that is easy to understand and convey. With a colorful wheel of fortune with the UN's global goals, an otherwise difficult subject can suddenly become a game!

By 'gamifying' sustainable development, it can be made dynamic and interesting for especially young people. Create different little games or quizzes and let participants compete for points and honors.

NOTICE: The wheel can be order in danish/swedish - please contact us if you need any other languages.


  • Good for teaching
  • Fun way to learn
  • UN Global Goals
  • Sustainable development

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