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Sustainable development goals - SDG pins 20mm

The UN's sustainable development goals consist of 17 global goals that all the world's countries have agreed should be achieved by 2030. They cover everything from the abolition of poverty and hunger to climate action and life in the world's oceans.

This is an exclusive type of pin of 20mm of hard enamel where all 17 world goals are represented.

NOTE: All World Goals products are made to order from time to time, under the UN World Goals license for use of the World Goals for teaching and educational purposes. All schools and companies working with world goals can use these products.

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Sustainable development goals - SDG pins 20mm

Enamel pin with the Sustainable development goals

20mm round world goal pin. Focus on the UN's global goals with this pin on the jacket, shirt or bag. The UN's Sustainable Development Goals consist of 17 goals and a total of 169 sub-goals, which must ensure that the UN's member countries solve the biggest challenges facing the world up to the year 2030. They focus on several different areas such as ending poverty and hunger in the world, to reduce inequalities, improve the quality of education and ensure sustainable growth.

The world goals are now delivered on recycled cardboard. There is a Sustainable Development Goals enamel pin on all our pinboards. It is the quality and type of pin.

We produce them from time to time, that's why small quantities cost a lot. But if you buy 100 pieces the price is much cheaper. Read the UN's rules for using the sustainable development goals here


We make many differentproducts with the sustainable development goals, call and hear more about the products we can make for you


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