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Tangram set - Pieces to make your own puzzle (28 pieces, 4 colors)

Set of 28 tangram puzzle pieces. Create new shapes by combining the shapes. Contains 4 different colors (red, yellow, green, blue). The range of colors can give your shape a nice, abstract look. The pieces measure 10x10 cm and are made of the environmentally friendly RE-Plastic®.

From 3 years.

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Tangram set - Pieces to make your own puzzle (28 pieces, 4 colors)

A tangram set is a dissection puzzle. Unlike the traditional puzzle, where there is only one solution, a dissection puzzle can be put together in several ways to make it look like different things. It can be as simple as a square or something more advanced like a light or a house. The package contains pictures for inspiration or you can create your own shapes, using your imagination. If you like combining creativity with problem solving, then this tangram puzzle set is for you.


  • 28 puzzle pieces
  • 4 different colors (red
  • yellow
  • green
  • blue)
  • 10x10 cm
  • RE-Plastic
  • From 3 years

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