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Dutch Flag Enamel Pin

The Dutch flag in a horizontal tricolor of vermilion red, white, and cobalt blue.

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Dutch Flag Enamel Pin

The Dutch flag enamel pin features colors in horizontal stripes, specifically vermilion red, white, and cobalt blue. Coated with epoxy, it provides a beautiful shiny finish to the classic tricolor.

The Flag of the Netherlands

The Dutch flag, known in Dutch as Vlag van Nederland, is said to be the precursor to many other European flags. With a history dating back to the 16th century, when the Netherlands declared independence from Spain, it is one of the oldest documented flags. The earliest versions of the flag featured orange instead of red and were called Prinseflaget or oranje-blanje-bleu. In the middle of the 17th century, the orange color was replaced with a dark vermilion red. The flag closely resembles Luxembourg's flag, but the Dutch flag is shorter and the red color is darker. The flag, in its current form, was officially recognized as the national flag of the Dutch kingdom in 1937.

With a Dutch flag enamel pin, you can show your connection to the Dutch people and kingdom.

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