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Tool for Badge Machines - Removes Jammed Parts

Easily remove jammed parts from your badge machine with this tool.

If, by mistake, two front shell badge parts have entered your badge machine, it can get jammed and be difficult to open again.

This tool is perfect for solving the problem. Its shape and size make it ideal for the purpose as it can easily get between the locked top and bottom dies WITHOUT scratching the inside of the dies and risking damaging them.

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Tool for Badge Machines - Removes Jammed Parts

With this tool, you can easily remove jammed parts from your badge machine yourself.

The vast majority of problems that can arise with your badge machine are due to the fact that more than one front side badge shell has been put in the badge machine by mistake.


How do I know if an extra front side badge shell is jammed in the machine?

When you try to press your badge together with the handle, you will find that there is quite a bit more resistance than usual. Stop immediately! - This is a sign that there are too many parts placed in the machine!

If the badge machine is already jammed with an extra badge part, this tool can be used to open the machine again and remove the jammed parts.


How to unjam the dies and remove jammed parts from your badge machine

Follow the guide for your type of badge machine below:

MULTI badge machine

If the top and bottom dies are jammed together, they can be separated again by inserting the tool into the joint just where the top and bottom dies meet and gently hit it with a nylon hammer in a downwards motion. It is important not to scratch the inside of the dies, otherwise you can destroy the dies! The dies will unjam as soon as they are separated by a few millimeters.

There may still be parts stuck in the top die that need to be removed.

Remove the top die from the MULTI badge machine by holding it with a firm grip and pulling straight down (it is held in place by magnets). You can possibly use one finger on each side to push the die from the actual badge machine body.

Important: The top die must not be rotated/twisted, as you can unscrew parts in the top die.

Use a screw, pliers and hammer. You must hammer the screw into exactly the center of the top die, where there is a hole of approx. 10mm (hidden under the badge parts). You must hammer the screw in no deeper than 10mm. If you hammer in this spot, you will not damage the machine. Hammer the screw in and use the pliers to pry the screw and parts out of the top die. Don't hammer deep! If you do not hit precisely in this hole, you risk damaging the die.

fastklemte dele i topmatrice


PRO badge machine

If the top and bottom dies are stuck together, the bottom die will be lifted approx. 5-10mm from the swing plate itself (see picture).

afstand mellem matricerne

Separate them by hitting the black swing plate medium hard. The parts are stuck more firmly on one side, so change the place where the hammering is done. If a lot of force has been used to mash the parts together, it may be necessary to return the machine to Badgeland to separate the top and bottom dies without damaging the machine.

Parts may still be stuck in the top die.

Rotate the top die so that the small black, vertical metal pin fits into the hole in the black metal plate above the top die as shown in the picture below.


bademaskine billede

Then push/pull the outermost metal ring in the top siw upwards so that the small, black metal pin fits in the hole, and the top die looks as in the picture below.

topmatrice ring

This empties the top die of jammed parts.

Place the tool across the entire bottom die and push upwards. Change where you press upwards so that you reach all the way around the top die as the parts are more firmly attached to one side than the other.

Important: The tool must not scratch the inside of the dies, as this could damage them.


Click here and see a video of the process


  • Removes jammed badge parts
  • Tool for badge machines
  • Works for MULTI and PRO

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