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Genderqueer Flag Enamel Pin

Genderqueer Pride Flag enamel pin in lavender (purple), white, and green colors.

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Genderqueer Flag Enamel Pin

This Genderqueer Flag Enamel Pin features an epoxy surface and a classic butterfly pin lock on the back. It's a beautifully designed pin with lavender, white, and green colors, representing the Genderqueer Pride flag designed in 2011.

Lavender symbolizes androgyny or "queerness," white represents Agender, and green stands for those whose identity is defined outside the binary.

Genderqueer / Nonbinary Identity

Genderqueers and nonbinary individuals are those who identify with gender across the binary confines of "male" and "female." Generally, the group identifies more as "both/and" or "neither/nor" rather than "either/or." There are many variations of the genderqueer idea, which is essentially a whole spectrum of gender identities.

Wearing a Genderqueer Pride flag enamel pin helps to bring attention to this spectrum.


  • Emalje pin
  • Pride merchandise
  • LGBTQ+
  • Sommerfugl lås

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