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Union Jack Flag Enamel Pin

Get the British national flag, the Union Jack, as a pin made of enamel, epoxy, and imitation gold.

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Union Jack Flag Enamel Pin

The Union Jack flag enamel pin features enamel in red, blue, and white. All metal is alloyed with imitation gold, and the surface is coated with a glossy epoxy. On the back, there is a classic butterfly pin clasp.

Union Jack - The Flag of Great Britain

The British flag is called the Union Jack, although technically, that name is only used for the flag when it is flown as a jack (Jack: a maritime term for the flag flown at the bow of a warship). The actual meaning of the name is "Union Jack." The flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of elements from the flags of England, Scotland, and Ireland: the Cross of St. George from England, the Cross of St. Andrew from Scotland, and the Cross of St. Patrick from Ireland.

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