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East Turkestan Uyghur Flag Enamel Pin - 19x16mm

Beautiful flag pin featuring the Uyghurs of East Turkestan's flag. By wearing this pin on your clothing, you can show your sympathy and support for the oppressed Uyghurs.


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East Turkestan Uyghur Flag Enamel Pin - 19x16mm

Uighurs: A Persecuted People

The Uighur people are a Chinese ethnic group primarily residing in the Xinjiang province, and part of the Chinese republic's oppressed Muslim minority.
For many years, they have been subjected to persecution and oppression by the Chinese government, under the guise of combating religious extremism.
China's harsh treatment of the Uyghurs has led to accusations of human rights violations from international organizations, and their use of so-called internment camps has been met with widespread criticism and international vigilance.

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