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Viking longship souvenir pin

Set sail with the Danish Vikings with a nice Viking longship pin.
This pin is made of enamel with an epoxy coating on the sail and measures 28x24mm.

Perfect as a souvenir for tourists who want a memory of Denmark.

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Viking longship souvenir pin

Viking Souvenir from Scandinavia

The Viking longship is one of the most well-known symbols that is often associated with the Viking Age and the Nordic countries.
Back in the day, when the Danish and Nordic Vikings set sail and left their mark on the world through conquests and settlements.
This makes the Viking longship pin particularly suitable as a souvenir for tourists and other visitors who would like to have a small Danish souvenir as a reminder of their visit to Denmark.
We also sell many other types of products that are suitable as souvenirs for museums and souvenir shops, see e.g. our image magnets and pens with logo.

A piece of Nordic cultural heritage

The Viking Age began in the year 793, and is characterized as a period when Denmark, Norway and Sweden left their mark in large parts of the world.
The term 'Viking' has now become part of the Danes' national identity, which represents our heyday and previous power and strength.
Products with symbols associated with the Viking Age are therefore also popular with Danes and Scandinavians who want to show their Nordic cultural heritage.


  • Great Danish souvenir
  • 28x24mm

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